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Kano gives kids the liberty to build their very own computer from scratch and be able to use and create software of your own. See the catalogue for details.

About Kano

The Kano Kit opens the door for kids to learn basics of how computers are made. It comes with state-of-the-art hardware that is customisable and open-source software. The Kano computer kit bundle has such promise and gives kids a fund way to learn it is appreciated in several countries in the world including South Africa and Sierra Leone. You can see Kano computer kit review online and learn more about it on their official website. See the Kano catalogue for details and information.

The origins of Kano

Kano was founded by CEO Alex Klein, Yonatan Raz-Friedman (co founder) and Saul Klein (co founder), together they created Kano based on idea that Alex's nephew gave him the idea that computers for the next generation should be as fun as Legos. What started out as their prototype Kano UK was tested in low income London schools it utilises Rasberry Pi software and having prove a success with the kids excited and loving it, more were developed and sent to regions on the African continent.

The "DIY" computer kit gives kids the tools and means to build their very own computer, right from the hardware to the software. It is an inovative product and user friendly and best of all gives children a way to learn more not just by taking in technology that comes with computers but learn to build it from the inside out.

Let your kids discover computers in a wider frame with Kano

Kano stepped into uncharted terrain to help uncover an innovative way to introduce computers to children not by simply absorbing the technology but also to learn how it's build and how the programs are created. See the Kano catalogue for specials at retailers near and for more information. 

You can conveniently shop for the Kano computer kit bundle online, see the https://kano.me/store/row  and simply shop from your home with easy payment options and delivery. You can also get your Kano computer kit Amazon purchase conveniently. Kano also teaches kids Kano code from a young age which is excellent since they're having fun. 

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