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Lufthansa is a German established airline that does flights all over the world including SA to Europe. See the Lufthansa catalogue for details and some information.

About Lufthansa 

Lufthansa is a leading German airline with numerous years of experience in aviation and is one of South Africa's favourite for international flights. Lufthansa Airline offers excellent travel aboard their aircrafts with economy class featuring (internet access, entertainment for extended flights, food and drinks), premium economy class is an option you get with Lufthansa that gives you comfort of something in between business and economy. Business class (increased access baggage allowance, priority boarding at airport, exclusive access to airport lounges, great amenities, refreshments and meals, wifi access), first class (luxury service, amenities, private onboard lounge and airport lounge, limousine service, first class terminal). Lufthansa customer service includes being able to making an online booking as well as manage that booking and check baggage information as well. See Lufthansa catalogue for information.

The origins of Lufthansa 

Lufthansa Airline has its history tracing back to 1926, but the airline was officially founded in 1953, it was tough during a time of hardship with the Cold War in place, however, Lufthansa has proven to succeed the odds and today is one of Germany's leading international airline of choice for many passengers. The airline started off with jetliners during the 1960's with a fleet of Boeings ranging from 707s, 720B's and flew the Far East including South Africa. During the 70's and 80's wider crafts were used like the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A320's and A321 and A340. Lufthansa along with Scandinavian Airlines, Iberia and Air France established Amadeus which was an IT company in order to sell their airline products. Lufthansa is partnered with Porsche and offers airport transfer with Porsche vehicles. 

Fly in style and comfort with Lufthansa

Lufthansa brings you a great way to fly with excellent cabins, service and connecting a variety of destinations. Lufthansa Airline offers passengers 4 classes to choose from namely economy, premium economy, business and first class. You will get great comfort and Lufthansa customer service from the ground to the air, whether you're travelling a short or long haul flight.  You can also choose to travel with Lufthansa's exclusive private jet service. Private Jets service with Lufthansa includes your very own personal assistant onboard, valet parking and 1,000 destinations covered all over the world. From start to finish you'll be treated as royalty. Lufthansa check in details can be viewed online and you can manage your booking online. You can also join the team and query what is required for Lufthansa careers and be part of a dynamic international company. 

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