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Microsoft Store South Africa specialises in all Microsoft products and PC's, offering excellent customer support and products guaranteed. See the Microsoft store catalogue for specials and deals on selected items

About Microsoft Store

Miscrosoft Store South Africa has been bringing customers leading innovation in computers and the mobile industry. Microsoft products are available in various items such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, software (eg.Microsoft Office, Windows) and gaming like Xbox. When investing in a Microsoft item, you can be sure that you're getting exceptional quality and innovation from one of the world's leading computer manufacturers. Microsoft App Store is an online application that allows customers to get exclusive Microsoft applications for their mobile and computer devices. Shoppers in South Africa can access the Microsoft online store for all their technical support and retail purchases. Shoppers can also find a wide selection of Microsoft devices at various retail stores specialising in computers and phones. Browse the Microsoft Store catalogue for some great deals. 


The origins of Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store originated in the USA, carrying the Microsoft brand and with the aim to bring consumers the latest and innovative computer and mobile technology whether it comes to software or hardware. The company's very first encounter with a retail store was in San Francisco at a store owned and operated by Sony Retail Entertainment, the venture continued from 1999 to 2001. In the year 2009, Microsoft went about plans for running their very own retail store, they first established a "Retail Experience Centre" which was virtually the beginning of their own retail stores. The first Microsoft retail store opened its doors in Scottsdale Arizona in 2009, the same year that the company launched Windows 7. The years that followed saw the growth of more Microsoft stores spanning all over the world including online stores such as seen in South Africa.  

Get great PC innovation at Microsoft Store

Visit the Microsoft Store online for all your Microsoft PC service and products. The leading American brand has brought innovative computer technology to the entire world for several years and with the Microsoft Store conveniently available online throughout SA, you can enjoy easy accessibility and great customer support from the comfort of your home. Microsoft prides itself at caring for communities, its customers and corporate businesses and with this the company is always giving back with their vision and "...dedication to creating opportunities for everyone and making a difference in communities around the world". Some of the company's core values include innovation such as the advancement of artificial intelligence and the collaboration with humans for future innovation. Microsoft is also dedicated to doing their part for the environment by utilising innovation and methods that won't cause harm to the planet one of these includes neutralising the company's carbon emissions, incorporating renewable energy, and creating innovation to provide solutions for the future. See the Microsoft Store catalogue for recent specials. 

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