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LockLatch specialises in helping you to secure your home with a lockable latch that will allow for fresh air whilst increasing safety. See the LockLatch catalogue for details.

About LockLatch

LockLatch is your solution to increasing the security of your home and family by securing your doors and windows even whilst they are open. These are some of the most innovative window locks in South Africa and if you'd like to see more or have a chance to save on selected items by them, then simply see the latest LockLatch catalogue for specials. You may have considered getting a pet flap to give your furry member of the family access in and out, however, pet flaps often prove to be hard to install, are not as robust and they can be very expensive and pose security issues. With the PetLatch for door from LockLatch, you can sleep easy knowing that you have an easy installation, cost effective, safe and secure solution that allows for ventilation and pet access. 

No matter where in South Africa you may be, if you're looking for window locks Cape Town, affordable pet latch for door then you will find it with LockLatch. Visit their online store.

The origins of LockLatch

Since its inception, LockLatch has been creatively finding more ways in which to help secure your home effectively, easily and affordably. Proudly invented manufactured in South Africa, LockLatch offers two basic locks namely the LockLatch and the PetLatch. Both are designed to allow fresh air and ventilation, give your pet access in and out of your home and to keep your home safe because even while your window or door is open, it is still locked. You can enjoy convenient shopping with LockLatch online 24/7 and a quality product manufactured to last long and be durable. 

Get more security for your home with LockLatch

LockLatch products is a great way to help you secure your home even when the windows or doors are open. Window locks South Africa may not always be durable and long lasting and while you can get the convenience of fresh air ventilation, access for your pet and basically keeping your doors or windows open whilst they are still locked with LockLatch, you benefit in many ways. A lock latch for door is always a safer way to keep your home airy while maintaining security. 

LockLatch has a 100% lifetime guarantee and fits any door, plus fully adjustable to suit your requirements. They are very easy to install and comes with the fasteners. Using this alternative to a pet flap, pet latch for door is a safer and longer lasting solution to give your pets access to your home. The LockLatch is approved by Hollard and Mutual & Federal Insurance companies. See the LockLatch catalogue for details and shop from their online store for convenience.

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