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Cybersmart is your specialists when it comes to internet and mobile solutions like fibre, ADSL, webhosting and loads more. See the Cybersmart catalogue for more information and specials.

About Cybersmart 

Cybersmart specialises in internet connection like broadband, ADSL, Cybersmart fibre coverage, domain hosting for your websites, cloud storage and great service. If you're interested at what they have to offer, you can contact them directly. Cybersmart email service is also a great option for your business and to help drive sales and expand your market and needless to say having a professional internet host company host your website will give you better chances of being discovered online. With market competitive prices you can rely on and their guarantee to match any price for equivalent service, guarantees that you save. Sometimes you can get hold of some excellent specials on their vast products so make sure that you get the latest Cybersmart catalogue for more information about promotions and specials.

The origins of Cybersmart

Cybersmart has been in the telecom industry for 15 years, and since its inception in 1998, the company strives to be the number one choice providing excellent internet services and commitment to all their clients. With the Cybersmart pledge to guarantee customers and existing clients that if you find a cheaper price for the same service, the company will be able to match that price for you. What makes their service great is also due to the fact that they purchase international capacity on all 3 international cable systems that includes Seacom SAT-3 and WACS and this will help ensure minimum risk of interruption to your service. 

Get great deals for yourself and your business with Cybersmart

Cybersmart is a fantastic solution to your ADSL and fibre coverage needs, plus if you're looking for affordable web hosting then you will also be pleased to know that that Cybersmart offers great web hosting options with packages starting from R25 a month (see terms and conditions as prices are subject to change). Wireless internet South Africa is always a convenient option and this is why Cybersmart has fast internet solutions for your needs. Cybersmart takes care to educate and help fight for minor protection and you can read about their part on their website with insight and info from GetNetWise, ProtectKids, WiredKids, and Cyberangels to name a few. You can get online support and information on their comapany website and if you're interested in their Cybersmart fibre coverage and other products simply feel free to get in touch with them. See the Cybersmart catalogue for information. 

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