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Lush is an international cosmetics brand that is dedicated to bringing you the finest handmade, natural cosmetic and beauty products. View the Lush catalogue for details on special promotions.

About Lush

Lush is an international brand that specialises in organic, natural beauty and cosmetic products. What began from humble beginnings Lush stores is now accessible to various people across the world. Lush cosmetics include makeup for eyes, lips and face. Apart from makeup, Lush also supplies a wide range of hair products (conditioners, shampoos, treatments, styling and henna), face (cleansers, toners, moisturisers, lip balms, scrubs), as well as body butters, footcare, lotions, shower gels, body butter and bath oils. Then Lush perfumes are one of the company's oldest products and still made natural and loved by many. See the Lush catalogue for details about special offers.  

The origins of Lush

Lush was founded by trichologist Mark Constantine and beauty thearapist Elizabeth Wier who both shared an interest in beauty products and cosmetics. They decided to combine their skills and knowledge to create a line of beauty products that were naturally made using natural pure ingredients. In the beginning, before it was named Lush, the company had some history in the 80's with The Body Shop which lead to a new name and different business strategy. The name came about via a competition, the winner was inspired by the fact that lush uses fresh ingredients and so was the Lush team and thus decided the winning name be the one we know today. With th official launch in 1995, Lush has grown immensely boasting 900  Lush stores in 51 countries across the world and the Lush online store which reaches a larger audience including SA customers. 

Keep it natural with Lush 

Lush beauty products are made with natural ingredients and essentials to help bring you a safe collection which is not harsh for skin or hair. The Lush products range also includes perfume and great cosmetics that is still traditionally made as in the beginning with natural ingredients that are fresh and not tested on animals. Lush cosmetics South Africa has the online store where you can do your purchases from and have products delivered to you. With Lush you can also shop for a wide range of gift items for men and women plus a wide range of products exclusively made for men. See the Lush catalogue for more great deals and specials on selected items. Lush actively fights against testing products on animals in their campaign which allows them to campaign against cruel animal testing and the company's policies include the company not doing business with companies who engages in these practices. With the Lush Charity Pot, funds raised via Charity Pot items sold are given towards charity organisations.  

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